Passing URL'S from excel

Hello everyone,

I have an excel file consisting of 10 url’s in each of the row in Column A. Now I have to pass these url’s one by one but in between I want to perform specific operations and upon completion of all the operations it has to go to the next url and again perform the same operation. But instead my flowchart is fetching and opening the url’s back to back and doing these operations at the last.Can someone please advise. Thanks.

Hello @rohit_sridar

1 - Read excel file, using excel scope and read range activities.

2 - Iterate through your data, using for each row activity.

3 - Inside your for each row, you do the operations you need.

This will go through each row of your excel and the operations needed one by one…

Hi @rohit_sridar,

You can follow similar to the below steps.

Hi @mz3bel,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have also tried in the way you suggested but I am getting the same output. I have attached the screenshot of the workflow please take a look into it and correct me if I am wrong.

My Requirement:
First URL from the excel should get opened in browser and some click activity needs to be performed, once the specific operations are performed the workflow should open the 2nd url from the excel and so on.

If I am executing operations with the attached workflow, all the urls are getting opened at a time.

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Hello @rohit_sridar

Here’s an example… but what troubles me, is the click activities… what do you mean by that exactly?
Because going through diffrent websites, you will certainly need to find a way to use your clicks dynamicly. (62.0 KB)

Is this helping ?