List down reasons to shift to RPA with Uipath

Also tell what is your current package and how much are you expecting after moving into UiPath

10 Lakhs and Expectation is 80% to 100% more than current package

Organization focused on automation of Business processes
Expecting hike 100% and wanted to promote as lead/manager as I am a certified PMP/CSM and having vast technical experience.

Current package is 4.5LPA , I need to jump 10LPA

Current CTC 8.3LPA, Expecting around 15LPA.
I have been working in non IT since 3 years and I dont see any future in my current role hence I decided to switch to UiPath.

As I’m in alredy in UiPath I’m looking 100% hike on what I’m having right now.
Reason behind join into RPA, it is booming technology.

Currently working as Blue Prism Developer. I see lot of potential in UiPath & UiPath jobs. I want to be full stack RPA Developers. I have 17 Lakh CTC & looking for 100% hike.

Actually I’m into an it tech support for x companies after that it take a long time to change my stream to RPA UiPath developer with 100% hike like 10LPA

I am in last 10 years in Manual Testing and I Need to jump out to RPA due to low coding and It will help me to go ahead in my career

I want to grow up my career with current technology in RPA so I choose UiPath.
My current is 3.7 LPA and expectation is 7LPA

i want to upgrade my skills with latest tool UiPath automation. Current CTC is 15LPA i am expecting 100% hike.

working in non IT sector , I want to transfer the carrier , expected 50% Hike , expected package is 8 to 9 LPA.

Current CTC is 4+ LPA, want to switch my career to developer with low code, hence joined , and expecting 90% to 100% Hike

-Most companies are opting for UiPath and More roles are opening up. Also, wanted to change my role from Operations to Development.
-$40K per year currently, and wanted to change my role and get a 100% hike or more :slight_smile:

Hi @Vajrang ,

More accurete
Reduces cost rapidly and increase ROI
Use in any type of industry(HR,FInance,Health,oil and others.)
Integrate VBA, Python, .net code.
and more.

Pavan Kumar

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