Linq query of multiple keywords in excel to get columns value of particular cells

I need create linq query which contain multiple keyword used pipeline in it because we have multiple keywords and we need there columns particular value in which we mentioned some keywords.the thing is how to identify .
For example
We have columns like doc_keyword in it and some other column which we need value from it we have like in excel .

  1. Miami Score
  2. Florida score
    3.Apj company| Airmet lab | voda App

I am attaching a screenshot of excel also as i mentioned in excel sheet i used this sign in between different kaywords | how to apply linq query in it in multiple keywords in same line and get all the columns value of it contains first name date of birth, address , phone.

Please suggest |

Do you want to separate the name before Pipe symbol using UIPATH Application?

Yes for example if we using East lab Mountains it will search in whole string and return the value of it which is which is mentioned in excel file and like this we need to do for all .i just take an example above.

We would like to help, but requierement is not fully clear. Can you prepare the sample data in a way that you can show case more in detail what you are expecting. Especialy what is the relationship between the keywords and the other columns. Thanks

Please use the below Activities and Methods to achieve your requirement.

Step 1: Pass the variable as string in Vnames
Step 2: Create one more variable type as array of string using this method: VNames.Split(CChar(“|”))
Step 3: pass the vNamespit in foreach loop

It should print your requirement :slight_smile:

Hi peter like i am preparing a project where we need to scrap particular data by using document keyword as an identification of document and fatch a particular data like First name ,Date of birth etc which is mentioned in others columns from pdf… I identify these words in pdf which i mentioned in different names what is exactly contain for scraping name dob in pdf…but i used some modular of different for same dayatype in excel the requirment as off now to solve only if we have 5 document keywords in single string for exple in 4th row like Voda App then how to get there values of that roes

a too-long prose description can be misinterpreted. That’s why we asked for sample data cases.

In your description is unclear if e.g Unity Referral should be searched in the same row in the other column values …

Thanks for support

Okay peter give me sometime i will get back once prepare.