Filtering datatable with multiple keywords

Hi UiPath community,

I have a sheet which contains some data, I am using filter datatable to filter out the data using multiple keyword from a single column and write that filtered out data in a new excel sheet.

So this is my sample column which consist of :

IT/ Python is programming
IT/ UiPath is low code platform
IT/ React is frontend framework

Now, I am trying to get output as in a new excel sheet like this below (Expected output):
IT/Python is programming
IT/ UiPath is low code platform

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

This is what i have given in filter datatable but I’m not getting as per my expected output.


Hi @Mayur_N

In the place of And replace it with Or then the condition will satisfy.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for the response!

I have tried this also by using OR condition, but i am getting all the three rows of data which satisfy one keyword which is IT because, IT is common in all the three rows of data.

Need to Use ‘OR’ function
in Place of AND also use OR then will get Expected output

By using LinQ also we can get the expected output

assign: dt_excel = dt_excel.AsEnumerable.where(function(x) x(0).ToString.ToLower.Contains(“UiPath”) or x(0).ToString.ToLower.Contains(“python”)).copytodatatable


Hi @Mayur_N ,
You want to keep
IT/Python and IT/UiPath
that’s right?
Have you tried

Hope it help,

Hi @Mayur_N

You can use the below flows:

You can also use as below


Filter Data Table:


You can use the below linq query:

(From row In dt1.AsEnumerable()
Where (row.Field(Of String)("Description").Contains("IT") And 
      ((row.Field(Of String)("Description").Contains("UiPath")) Or (row.Field(Of String)("Description").Contains("Python"))))
Select row).CopyToDataTable()

Please refer the below workflow: