LINQ in DataTable Filter Query

I have a datatable A (excel data) and I have applied filter condition over there. Now I have another DataTable B having a matching column with Id.

I want to filtr DAtatable A with only those records available in Datatable B Id column.

Please suggest if I can do this by any way here:


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Hi @p4uk80

Can you please share input file.??


Hi @p4uk80

So from what I understood, You need to filter data in dataTable A, using the data in the datatable B. So basically you want records that are only available in both data tables using the ID column right?

So, why not try using the Join Data Table activity. This activity will enable you to join the two tables using the ID column. Based on the join type property (Inner Join) will send out the matching records back to a datatable as an output :slight_smile:

This is what you are looking for right?

Once the join is done, or before you do the join, you can have a filter data table activity to filter by your other data like the approval status…

Let know whether this works out for you.

If it works, please also make sure to mark my answer as the solution too… :slight_smile:


Thanks. this is what I was looking for. Cheers :slight_smile:

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