Filter a datatable based on the other datatable


I had two datatable and each of one contain a colum called "code1"  and "code2" (which may contain the same values) , the first datatable contain more lines than the second, i want to filter the First datatable based on the column"code1" that  had values present in the "code2" column column.

“on the column"code1” that had values present in the “code2” column column."

Do both code1 and code2 that you’re referring to belong in table1?

no they are different tables

Hi @abdel

You can join the datatables using the below methods

You can try the Inner Join approach as it will give you a result where it contains only matching records :slight_smile:

Helo Lahiru, where i cna found the activity package


Activity package in the sense? Are you trying to download some activities? Or are you referring to the datatable join activities that i mentiones in my previous post?

i can’t found the join datatable activity

HI @abdel

I’m sorry for my late reply. Ideally it should be available under datatable activities as shown below

If that doesn’t work, You may try whether all the default packages are installed. the attached screenshot shows that is already installed in mine… You can access this window by clicking on Manage Packages button on the top menu


I had fixed the issue, but i had a problem within my flow:

<a class="attachment" href="//">Main.xaml</a> (78.6 KB)

but the read range in “Coller dans la feuille EV à 30 jours les données récupérée” does not work


Does it throw any error when it tries to read the excel? May I know what exactly happens there?

the read data range does not work in “Coller dans la feuille EV à 30 jours les données récupérées”, it return an empty datatable,
before that i had formatd the data.