Linking issue between Excel & Uipath Studio

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My excel is not getting linked with uipath studio .


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What do you mean by not linking with studio. Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

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Excel application can be linked to uipath in two ways either with Excel activities or with Workbook activities
If we have excel application installed then we can use excel activity package
If we don’t have excel application installed then we can use Workbook related activities for that search as workbook in the activity panel which will list us the activities in it which is similar to that we have in excel

While using any of these activities either excel or workbook, if we are facing some flprobelm du to application been ran in background or any other error then use KILL PROCESS activity before to the excel application scope or workbook activities and mention as “EXCEL” in the property ProcessName

Or as @lakshman said if you are facing any other issue kindly elaborate a bit more in this pls

Cheers @kaushalsahi