Error opening workbook. Make sure Excel is installed. help?

every time i run my program… i getting this error even though the excel is installed on my laptop. kindly help

Hi @Ruchithakur07

Have You installed Excel Application on your PC?
Have You Enable Excel in Uipath?


yeah excel is installed on my system. i can use workbook activities. how to enable excel in uipath?

What is your verision of the studio?


the same one as shown in the picture.

Okay Can You plz send me the write range activity screenshot?

In file have you write with the extended like .xlsx

yeah i have used the extension

yeah its correct only what error your getting


I may think Problem is in your excel application

Are you using Your excel application?
Are you sure its working Fine?

yes i tried this same program with workbook activities…it worked!

I have the same issue since today! Yesterday Excel worked fine in StudioX, today I get this error message, even though Excel is installed and working otherwise fine.

I got the same problem after working with studiox before that studio was working fine even with excel application scope activities. excel version 2007 is not supported in studioX because of that i tried to upgrade it though it didnt upgraded but i started having excel problem “stdole32.tlb” every time i open excel it shows this error “stdole32.tlb” and started configuring. I sought out that problem even though I am getting this error while using excel integration activities. @loginerror kindly help!

Problem got solved!

i just delete some keys and the execution starts again!! :slight_smile:


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