Linkedin Automation

challenge in linkedin extra from data scraping .which person takes this challenge??? Rpa uipath.i think no soulations for this??

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LinkedIn deny access to bots in their robots file which means, you cannot scrape data from them by any automated means.

thanks for your reply

can you please help to navigate untill last page useing data scraping


refer this link

What information you what for your challenge ??

Yes u can scrap data from linkdin …

Scrape the data from social website linkedin. login with credentials.
I want to search the company name into search box.
Then select Company name with his industry type.
i have tried using click , get text,hover activity.But gives an selector error.
Please can anyone help me to solve this problem.

There are many LinkedIn automation tools such as LinkedCamp and expand that can help you extract leads data from LinkedIn.Though LinkedIn doesn’t allow that these tools claim that they are safe to use as they are cloud based LinkedIn automation tools.

LinkedIn automations tools are best way for data scraping. These are the best assets to use to generate leads from linkedin