Link can't be opened in New Tab

Hello all,

I have an issue when trying to open link in new tab.

  • If I press middle mouse button I’m getting a scroll for up and down(screenshot as example)
  • I have also tried to CTRL+CLICK on the link, but again, didn’t work, it is opening in the same window.
  • Right Click → Open in new tab also doesn’t work since there isn’t that option at all
  • I also made a few changes within IE settings - all links must be opened in new tab - but that also doesn’t work.

This isssue is giving me another one - I can’t use Find Children activity since all elements are lost after link is opened in the same window, instead of in New Tab.

This is the first time I encounter this type of problem, so any thoughts how could I overcome it?
Thanks in advance!

Have you tried using the hot key activity with ctrl and click along with a selector for the link in the activity? What output does it give when you run it?

Hello @bp777,

If all the options you tried didn’t work, I would try opening a new tab, using a ‘Navigate To’ activity, and using a parametric URL to go to the desired page.

Kind regards,

I think this option would work for sure if we do the same manually and opening in a new tab
In CLICK activity there is a property called KeyModifiers where we can choose ctrl as an option
So that it will try to click that element with ctrl key as well

If you have done the same Either the selector is not clear or the bot is not able to find the element

In that case try with CLICK IMAGE activity

Cheers @bp777

Same thing, always opening in same window. I literally tried every single method, but none of them work. I don’t know how is that possible, but it looks like website I work on is developed like that. :confused:

Yes, but unfortunately, there is no URL provided - tried with Data Scrapping method

Hello @Palaniyappan, I’ve tried that too, but it just doesn’t work. Seems like website I work on is structured like this - these links cannot be opened in new tabe :confused: