New tab issue in firefox and chrome

I have use Attached browser for IE for new window i was able to do the action

  1. But in firefox same steps once click on a web element a new window opens ! and i even have used Attached browser/window but now its not working ?? Guess title not same or selector not what would be the main reason??

b) i am not seeing any seeting in chrome or Edge to open in new window instead of new tab is there a way ??

  1. If i want to scroll till middle of the page and stop and do some action what key to use , if i use pagedown it just went one or two step down??

@ashok_srinivasan, Hi and welcome to the community

Below link takes you to the tutorial that shows you how to setup chrome so it opens links on the new window:

This one shows how to do the same in FireFox:

To scroll to the middle of the page i think you have to do it manually and count how many times you clicked before you could get to the middle, then use send hotkey page down.

HI mate

  1. For firefox i can see the seeting tab to open in a new window but my actions are not happening even if i use Attach browser but it works for IE but the same element not working in firefox

  2. With respect to chrome opening in a new window i am still not clear any other link mate bec i dont use MAC i use Windows

@ashok_srinivasan, maybe i am not understanding you correctly, what is it that you want to do?

when you say the same element not working on Firefox, are you referring to the same workflow?

Yes mate ! The same workflow when it works in the new window in IE but not in firefox new window

  1. And with respect to chrome i cant see an option to open link in new window instead new tab