How to open a link in a new tab without interaction with the interface

I would like to open links in new tabs in a loop. I don’t want to use it via the interface meaning I don’t want to simulate “Ctrl + T” and so on. There’s an activity “Navigate To” but it opens a link in the same tab. How do I change that?

Use click with clicktype “Middle” on the link.

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You can use Click Activity and in ClickType choose BTN_MIDDLE

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Check this out:

@MGMKLML Hi I am using below Step

  1. Attach Existing Browser using “Attach browser”
  2. Send Hotkey "Ctrl + t " to open a new tab
  3. Attach Newly opened tab using “Attach browser” Activity in the same browser
  4. Use the “Navigate” Activity to search the URL.


Could you please share some sample code as I’m unable to make this work.