Line break using Type into Activity

Hi Friends,
I’m working on an automation wherein i’m trying to fill an online form having data in Excel. Automation is working fine.
Problem: A few cell has data which have line breaks. However, when i’m trying to paste data in a form,field, the line breaks doesn’t appear.
Cell data


Form : ABC XYZ

Please let me know how can I paste in the cell format. I’m using type into activity to pass the data.

hi @anujkaul
try using this

Hope that would solve your issue.


Line break in a cell of Excel is not CRLF but LF.
So, you need to Replace LF to CRLF like data.Replace(vbLf,vbCrLf) to use TypeInto activity default mode
If you want to use simulate type mode and your target is textarea, you might need to use like data.Replace(vbLf,"\n")



input.replace(Chr(10), “\n”).replace(Chr(13), “\n”).replace(vbCr, “\n”).replace(vbLf, “\n”).replace(\r, “\n”)

Try this…!

I’m still getting the same output. Although, i used read range under excel application scope.

If possible, would you be able to share any sample. I’m pretty new and not sure how to do it.


Here you are. (8.2 KB)

If the Form ist Part of a web Application then maybe the Line break is expected in Format of conform HTML. Give a try by using <br/>