Keeping line breaks while using TypeInto for web textbox

Forgive my ignorance as this is my first post and it took me way to long to find a suitable answer to the problem I was having. I’m new and not super knowledgeable about this platform but I’m slowing learning. I’m creating this post to share my solution with others and see if there’s a better way to accomplish what I was trying to do.

Problem Set-up:

  • Need to read data from an excel sheet and store in a data table.
  • Some of the cells in the excel table had text with line breaks in them. (hit the Alt + Enter keys to get a line break for those who don’t know)
  • When I wrote the data from the data table to a Message Box or Log it was formatted correctly with all the line breaks but when I wrote into a textarea on a JSON-form it lost all the line breaks.

I had to click the TypeInto box and under the Options section check the box next to SimulateType to set it to true.

I tried to use vbcrlf, vbcr, environment.newline, vbnewline, \n, \r\n but I couldn’t get any of those options to work.
Setting the SendWindowMessages to true also didn’t work
Some key words I searched for was: new line, return carriage, and line break(s)

Ultimately, it was this post that helped me find my answer. If my solution doesn’t work for you this may help.

If there is a better way to accomplish writing into a text field on the web while keeping the line breaks I am open to suggestions. Thanks!