Limitations on Digitize Document activity

Hi Team,

Am getting belo error when passing request for 100 resumes in UiPath’s Digitize Document activity. Could you please advise if this can be avoided if we go for paid trail?

Digitize Document: One or more errors occurred. (Request CorrelationId: dc95708d-2a49-435a-8660-86374dfee2a9
Request PredictionId: 7u0FC79ZzhTNuBGrQb3DmjwQzAz/+BYO92dTqaYAI9k=_2337cf60-1346-4694-b981-c7de84d46089
Error performing OCR: {“info”:“Prediction Failed”,“reason”:“{\u0022message\u0022:\u0022Freekit edition allows only 50 calls per 1 hour. Please try again in 16 minutes.\u0022}”} UiPathOCRErrorInvalidResponse)

Hi @ydhanabalan ,

I believe you are using the Community Edition/License and hence there is a limitation. Check the below docs :

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Hi @ydhanabalan

as describe here
The community version has this limitation request per hour

With paid plan you don’t have this limitation and you will pay for a buddle of AI Units

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