Error with Read PDF with OCR activity

I am using Read PDF with OCR to extract data from a pdf, as I was testing, at first I was able to run my program properly but now every time I run I get this error. As per it I am allowed to run 50 times an hour using the community edition but I am able to run it only once after waiting for an hour and it gives the error again on the second run.

Read PDF With OCR: Request CorrelationId: 680d35b8-7acc-44c4-92cd-45cf9bb53c55
Request PredictionId:
Error performing OCR: {“info”:“Prediction Failed”,“reason”:“{\u0022message\u0022:\u0022Community edition allows only 50 calls per 1 hour. Please try again in 33 minutes.\u0022}”} UiPathOCRErrorInvalidResponse


Probably it’s limitation of community plan.

If you need more processing, please consider to purchase enterprise plan or use other OCR engine such as MS Azure computer vision or Google computer Vision etc.