License Says N/A

Would anyone know why I my license says N/A? I was trying to find the number to contact UiPath for assistance. But it says N/A.

Also, how do I find which version I’m using? I thought I had the community version, but I just want to ensure I don’t have the Orchestrator version.


Hi @Lindsey_Da
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if you are looking for Studio version you can follow this
in Studio click Home and at the bottom of the blue strip you will find Studio Version

If you are connecting to Orchestrator using this link :point_right:t2: then you are a community version user.

Regarding license where do you see N/A? is it possible to share screenshot ?

Also, I’m taking an online course and their UIpath is gray and mine is colorful. I don’t see the various tabs at the bottom, such as Project, Activities, Snippits, etc. Is this still the Community version?

Hi @Lindsey_Da, can you please switch to the “Home” tab on the top? Once you switch, you should see the license type on the bottom left corner of your Studio. Feel free to send a screenshot of that here if you’d like and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Hi @Lindsey_Da,

Are you taking a course on studioX or studio?
The screenshot that you have shared is from studioX but I think the tabs you mentioned are shown in studio product.


Hi @Lindsey_Da

You are using UiPath StudioX profile so the studio interface is colorful. If you switch to either Uipath Studio or UiPath Studio Pro you will not have colorful interface.

You will be able to switch between these by changing the profile, changing profile is easy
got to Home–>Settings–>License and Profile–> View or Change Profile
a pop up will ask to choose a profile, after profile is chosen Studio will restart

In StudioX you will find below tabs/panels :point_right: :point_right: :point_right: more on StudioX interface

  1. Activities
  2. Output
  3. Error List
  4. Resources
  5. Properties
  6. Data Manger

In other profiles you will find additional tabs/panels.

Hope this is helpful