License Key - Not Received

Hello, guys!

I’ve downloaded the UiPath Community Edition and I’ve installed it on my laptop. As most of you know, I need a License Key to activate the UiPath Studio. I’ve read that I should receive this key on my e-mail. Sadly, there is no activation key there. I can access my UiPath account, but on my e-mail, there is no activation key. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,
Todor Yanev

Welcome to the Uipath Community!!!

Do you have access to the internet on your laptop? If yes, you will be getting an email through the UiPath and all you need to do is Activate!!!

Yes, I have access to the internet. I’ve registered almost one week ago. I’ve received only one e-mail from the UiPath Community, but there is no activation key.

The e-mail says:

Automate now with greater simplicity, scalability, and speed Hi Todor, Congratulations on selecting UiPath Cloud. You’re about to embark on a journey that will help you do more with your time. And with UiPath Cloud, you simplify the infrastructure to get started quicker! Access your UiPath Cloud Account by hitting the button below. Access Your Account Check out this short video to help you get started, or dive into the Resource Center available in your account. Here you can explore UiPath Studio, create your first robot, and start automating in no time. Need some assistance and want to interact with peers? Join the Slack workspace UiPath Community edition. Happy automating, UiPath Team UiPath Inc. 90 Park Ave New York NY 10016 To choose the types of emails you receive, or to opt yourself out completely, let us know here. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Read privacy policy

Hi @Todor_Yanev

Go to

And you can directly download the studio from there by going to Resource Center



Hello, @PrankurJoshi!

It seems that, by some reason, I have downloaded the non-free version. Rookie mistake and I’m sorry about that. Thank you very much for your help!

Best Regards,
Todor Yanev