License error with community license

Recenty, I am facing an issue in community edition " detected unattended robot as the license type. Based on the terms and conditions this license should only be used for troubleshooting purposes"
I use uipath studio 2021.4.4 with Community license
Pls help me ,thanks!

How to resolve this issue without moving to the enterprise edition?

@linjinqi - Welcome to UiPath community.

As far as my knowledge this is just a warning message. Currently I’m using enterprise trail and able to connect to orchestrator and run processes smoothly even if there’s this warning message in my studio.

However you won’t see such warning when you move to enterprise edition completely and regarding design and execution perspective, there’s no difference between community and enterprise versions.

Are you facing any issues to connect to orchestrator or executing your process?

@Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu thank you for your reply
It can work normally but always appear those alerting message

and another prblem:
My robot can work normally when the screen is unlocked, but when the screen is locked, the schedule job in the orchestrator cannot work, it returns message “Timeout reached”
I dont know how to solve it·······

my running robot is Unattended , and set correct windows credential

ok. I never tried unattended automations by locking my screen. I’ll let you know if find any solution for this problem