License Costs for UiPath


I’m looking to implement UiPath Studio for a customer on a single Windows workstation. What are the license costs, how does the client purchase the license and what runtime options does the customer have (i.e. does UiPath Studio need to be visibly installed?)

Many thanks in advance.

Best, Tomas

Hi, Anyone who can answer the query above, need to know the Licence cost.


Just use the CE.

Is that OK to use CE for my client who needs a single bot in a machine?
Is there any legal problems?

Hi @badita,
I am also having the same situation.


@badita is there a reason you don’t publish the list prices? wondering if we could have a link to this or whether it should be on the website - you could always caveat it by saying please speak to your sales representative …

Only asking as many people’s first question is how much are full licenses.

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