License cost of ui path


Can someone please help with licensing cost of uipath

This is nowhere mentioned

I saw one of the sites mentioning around 20k to 30k usd per Annum



Welcome to the uipath community.

For this, please contact Uipath sales team and they will help you better in this.

Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath

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Hi Madhavan - the costs you mention are too high for the UiPath licensing alone. The approx annual cost for UiPath licences are:

Unattended Robot - €8k
Attended Robot - €2-€3k
Orchestrator Server - €20k (to manage the bots)

This is just an idea, and the numbers we use for our Business Cases. Worth remembering to also include Development Cost, Infrastructure Costs, Monitoring and Maintenance costs when making your decisions.

Hope this helps…TJ Scally