Library.Runtime in Orchestrator \ Manage Packages

Hi, I’m using Community edition and after last Studio updates to 2023.4.0, I have noticed strange issue when publishing our custom company’s libraries to Orchestrator.

I have two versions of libraries published in Orchestrator: for Windows-Legacy projects and for Windows projects, now recently when I published those for Windows (with just few changes), I have noticed, that there was also created a strange library with “Library.Runtime” added in the name:

I’m not sure what is this and why it was automatically published along with my original Libraries?
The same is now available in Studio in Manage Packages:

When I deleted those with Runtime from Orchestrator, projects with already updated libs got broken, so I had to re-upload them again. Is it something new related with Windows projects or is it some kind of error maybe?

I have noticed the same thing and have the same question.

I have a little actualization after last Studio update to v2023.4.0 Beta - additional “.Library.Runtime” disappeared from Studio - Managa Packages window:


But they are still visible in Orchestrator - Packages - Libraries:

So it seems this is ongoing issue.

Hi @Piotr_Gajewski,

I guess this will help a bit:

…but not sure why you first had it with legacy libs…maybe because of the beta status you’ve mentioned.

facing the same issue still waiting for more explanation from the UiPath library Developers

Looks like the latest release (community license version) has fixed the issue.
However, I’m facing a new issue previously mentioned here: Custom activity package not visible
→ I can’t see my custom activities from installed Nuget package in UiPath Studio. Unless I “created nuget package with name ending as “.activities””.