Library arguments fields/topics/subjects

I have noticed a limitation for creating new activities that involve a flow (XAML file) by publishing a new Library that allows adding arguments only under input or output fields/folders/topics.
UiPath Studio should have a simple option that allows custom fields/folders/topics as you can use by creating new activities using visual studio.

@Sagi_Sela Not sure I understand the limitation you are describing. Can you please give more examples?

Sure, I want to have the input arguments for my activity which I’ve built using Library sorted in different categories except “Input” like Filters, Options, Etc.

Basically, you can say I’m looking for UI Studio equivalent for:
[Category(“Category Name”)]

In the same way, the UI Studio equivalent for:
[DisplayName(“Argument name”)] - is the argument name.
[Description(“description string”)] - is the argument annotation.

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Thank you for the feedback. Forwarded to our tracking tool.

Any updates?

Still aiting for naming of argument inputs. Btw, you can add comments to any arguments\variables that will be shown at activity while coursor hovers on its name in activity input fields.