How to categorize properties for uipath library


I would like to know how to categorize properties in uipath reusable component which is created using uipath library. I want to categorize properties as in the screenshot.

Kindly help me on this. Thank you.

Hi Jobin,

I’m assuming you are using UiPath Studio to build your library and not a Custom Library build with Visual Studio.

I think you are a little bit limited in what you can do. UiPath will group you arguments based on the Direction, and it always will add Misc, but other than that I’m not sure you can categorize the fields at will:

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Hi @RockSolid ,

Thanks for your inputs.

Yes i already aware that we can build libraries through visual studio extension ‘Activity Creator’ in more flexible way than UiPath Studio. I was checking whether we have any other alternative way to do the categorization or not. Visual Studio is not approved to install on client environment :frowning: . Here is the one which i created through UiPath Studio and i was think to categorize selector related input arguments under a category ‘Target’.
UiPath Library

Thanks again.