Library Activities - Custom Tool Tips on Properties

I’ve made some custom activities for use in our projects as a Library.
When using the activities, I can set properties (as with any activity).

On “standard” activities, when you hover over the property, a tooltip appears with a description of how to utilise that property, but for custom activities you just get the variable type as a tooltip.

Could we have a way to add a custom message to the tooltips for properties within library activities? This would make it easier for other members of our team to utilise the activities.

I have noticed that this happens for the custom activities developed through UiPath Studio. However, for the activities developed using Visual Studio C# code, the property descriptions are showing without a problem.

Not sure why they don’t show up even though we add the annotation for arguments when designing custom activities in Studio


Hi @andrewjames

Such feature is already planned :slight_smile: No promises on the deadline though (we hate disappointing our users and priorities sometimes shift a bit).

It is not the distant future though. It will work similar to how you can now annotate process to get the tooltip in the Activities pane. Except you will annotate the arguments in the Arguments pane.
Like so:


Thanks @loginerror
It would also be useful to be able to specify the order of the properties - at the moment they are just alphabetical
It would also be useful to be able to have boolean properties as checkboxes, and other validation.
Are these within current plans?

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Thanks, I can confirm that most of the ideas are already being worked on :slight_smile: (I still added the idea to re-order the arguments which was not yet considered, I think).

As to the tooltips, it is implemented in 2019.9 :slight_smile: You can annotate your arguments in the Arguments pane and those annotations will show up as tooltips after the library is published.

As such, I’ll mark this idea as completed :slight_smile:



hi, i have updated to 2019.10. my annotation for the sequence no longer work. its showing up as some encrypted text instead of the annoted text. for arguments its working perfectly.

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Hi @rongjingz

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Could you confirm that your Studio version is 2019.10.2?

In the meantime, I reported this issue for our team to have a closer look.

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Yes its studio version 2019.10.2


This should be fixed in the next minor version :slight_smile:


Hi, I have similar error, it is showing some different text rather the annotation.
my studio version is 18.4.4.

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This issue was fixed in the newer version of Studio, minimum 2019.10.3.


Hi, Thanks for the quick response.
So, is there any chance we can handle it in 18.4.4?

I think for this issue, unfortunately not. You could still try to contact our technical support and see if any recent patch version for 18.4 version contains this specific fix:

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