Argument Design Properties no longer visible when hovering over them

To make my library components more reusable, I use the Design Properties to write an annotation for each of a workflow’s arguments. In the past, when I would use one of these workflows in a process, hovering over the argument would allow me to see its Design Properties. This was especially important for dynamic workflows that have arguments that can only be assigned certain values.

Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, the argument Design Properties cannot be seen when hovering over them anymore. Only the annotation for the workflow can be seen. If there is a way to fix this, I would love to know it. Otherwise, this bug creates obstacles to understanding workflows and makes them much less reusable.

Argument does not show Design Property that explains what the argument is for:

Workflow shows Annotation, which helps in understanding its function:

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I don’t understand what’s causing the difference here. A colleague of mine worked on a library using the same version of UiPath Studio (22.10). He also used the same UiPath.System.Activities version (22.4.5). However, his component shows the Design Properties in all the argument fields when they are left blank, and mine does not. Very clear differences here within the same process.

His component:


Check the Configuring the layout of an activity - Advanced Only About Libraries

Shouldn’t my Tooltip for this argument show up in the field for this argument when I use it in a process?

Tooltip is in the library:

Tooltip does not show up when hovering over activity in process:

Any ideas with this? This seems like it should be an easy fix, but not having any luck.

Recently, these .xaml.json files started to appear below my workflows. I had never seen them before the recent update to Studio 22.10 and conversion of some processes to Windows from Legacy.

Today, I learned that when you delete the .xaml.json file, the library workflow still works fine BUT the tool tips for the workflows no longer show up in any process in which you use that library.

Opening up “Activity Layout,” as @alexandru referenced above, and clicking “Save” brings the .xaml.json file back. Now, the tool tips appear again in the process where the library is used.



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