Level 3 UIDemo Issue: Process is automatically cancelled

I am having an issue in the first part of the UIDemo walkthrough where you need to read the transactions.xslx file and add the values from each line to a queue.

No matter how I run it, I always get a message that the ‘execution has been cancelled’ and it stops before looping through all of rows. If i do a normal Run, it gets through roughly 40 lines. If i do Slow Step, it only gets through about 5 lines. The execution takes anywhere from 12-18 seconds before it cancels, but its always different.

None of the activities except for Add Queue Item have a timeout, but that specific activity always runs quickly.

Is there some sort of limitation with the community edition or with the copy of orchestrator we use for training?

Logging is below that shows the cancellation and execution time.


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Can you please share Dispatcher xaml file here to check.

Looks like my account is too new to directly post an attachment, but here is a google drive link.


I didn’t know if my issue was due to the framework template, so I extracted the sequence i was using and placed it in a very simple project, the main.xaml file of that project is attached. I encounter the same issue in both projects.

@brian.sullivan it works fine. It uploads all data to Queue in Orchestrator.

In this dispatch xaml - output will be a queue with 107 Queueitems in Orchestrator.

So you can check Orchestrator with the Queuename DemoQueue1.

Click view transactions will show you all Queue items

Here is what my queue looks like after the process runs, it shows 73 New objects in the queue (this number is always different)

Below is the message that pops up in studio:

@brian.sullivan I ran your same xaml file its shows 106 items. May be your internet connection might be interrupted/slow during each run. (difference on each run)

just remove some rows in transactions.xlsx file (make it to smaller items eg: 20) and try to run with your xaml.

Its certainly a possibility. If it works for you, at least i know my configuration is ok and that is must be something environmental on my side.

Are you also using the community edition with the demo orchestrator site?

And like you said, to get past this i will just shorten my file a bit. Hopefully this issue wont affect my ability to complete the other training projects or certification…I haven’t looked at those activities yet.

Yes I am using Community Edition with demo Orchestrator.

My kindly advice is please follow the walkthrough and practice with REFramework. It will help you a lot to go through your assignment in Level 3. :slight_smile: (Both assignments you need to have a good Internet connection to avoid application exceptions).

Good Luck Buddy :slight_smile:

@Theepan Thanks for verifying that I’m not crazy…I really thought I was doing something wrong.
I will try from another computer and network later tonight and see if it makes a difference.

For now, I will just blame Comcast.

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I am getting “execution has been cancelled” error. It is happening at different stages of the work flow, sometimes while loading the test site, sometimes while reading all the required open items.
The project ran locally fine.
I don’t think there is issue with my internet either.

Can you please suggest what else can be causing.

@kasy above case was reading xlsx file and adding Queue to Orchestrator. (Eg Level 3 UiDemo)

In your case there can be error in workflows. if you can share your xaml file/ Screenshot, I will go through and let you know your problem.

Thanks @Theepan.
Here is maim.xaml file

@kasy I hope you are doing Level 3 Advanced Training Assignment 1. Can you please share InitAllApplications and GetTransactionData.

@Theepan yes, I am doing Level3 assignment 1.
Here are the projects InitAllApplications and GetTransactionData.

Thank you.

Both are seems ok.

Send me whole project as zip file

Thank you. Here it is


I have gone through your project. Found some problem in UpdateWorkIItem.xaml

Herewith I have attached updated xaml file Please go through.

UpdateWorkItem.xaml (10.6 KB)

I made changes

  1. Other than attach browser Activity I used Simulate Clicks for Click and Type Into activity and Correct your Selector According to that.
  2. Instead of using Short Key in Select Item, I changed to select Item Activity with input Argument in_sts
    3.Final Click activity shows skype.exe, I removed that and insert Browser close click

I also Added Kill process of Chrome in InitKillProcesses since you are using SHA1 Online in Chrome Browser

KillAllProcesses.xaml (5.7 KB)

Network does not appear to be the issue. Used the same laptop from my home internet and had the same issues. Installed studio and hooked up a new robot on a pc at home and the project works fine.

So the issue with the intermittent cancellation of jobs seems to be specific to my laptop.
I guess I’ll try to reinstall UIPath to see if that makes a difference.


Good. carry on

Thank you. I will check and let you know.