Level 3 Assignment 1 WIList Problem

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I am trying to complete the Assignment 1, I could not understand this in the document. Can anyone please clarify this and tell me what i have to actually do.How I can filter out the datarows and store it in another datatable. Please help.!. I have attached the screenshot for your reference.

Hi Prabu,

dt_WIs is a datatable variable that contains all the data, select method is being used on the data table to filter out and get a few rows. The select method returns a Datarow array type. Which is why the result are stored in the WIList variable of Datarow type.

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Hi PD2,

Thanks for the reply.But the above the statement in the Expression Editor will add only one DataRow only or whether it will add all the datarows satisfying the condition to the array variable WIList ?.

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It is a filter condition so it will add all the rows satisfying the condition to WIList

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Thanks PD2!

hi pd2,

I have encountered a problem while trying to perform this assignment statement. Can you please help me resolve this. I have attached the Screenshot for your ref.

Use Write Line activity to see proper flow of the program. Invoke Workflow Logout is faulted see the selector for Attach Browser.

See that Data Scrapping is working properly

Hi prankurjoshi,

Actually I got that error while executing that Assignment Statement. Is there any ways to fix it.

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Can you send a screenshot for that particular activity or text it here?

while executing this particular activity

I am getting the following error

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I think you are directly assigning row from the Out argument, have you assigned it to a local variable?.

Another thing please check that DataTable has values after data scrapping, start fresh reset test data and then try


I checked my workflow there was error in DataScrapping Workflow. I have resetted the data and tried to print the datatable using Output Datatable Activity in the Output panel but i am getting the following error msg.

Let us do one thing delete the whole Data Scrape sequence and scrape in again, then you will have whole new data in the table.

The error is indicating that there is not data in the datatable you scraped. Try to debug this work flow individually

Thanks Dude. We have successfully fixed that error. Now another prob arises from GetTransactionData Workflow. I have attached the Screenshot for your ref.Since i am new to programming i could not solve the prob.

that means there is no data in the in_WIList variable

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Thanks for the reply dude. I have completed Assignment-1. I have posted a problem in Assignment-2 Pls help me in that issue.

Hi prankurjoshi what valu should go on WIList when getTransactionData is invoked?

WIList should be a local variable in Main.xaml. then assign your filtered items that are in DataRow array.

So when you will invoke Gettransactiondata.xaml you can simply have an in_argument as in_wilist which will carry WI5 items in an array of datarows


So my robot stops after extracting the data table at the last page if the table.

this is my If statement

and when invoke getTransactionData

This is the warning that I get

@PrankurJoshi Where we need to define this assign activity.