DataTable.Select issue - From tutorial

I am working on the tutorial (Page 10 of the lvl3 advanced training assignment 1 walk though) and am having issues getting the DataTable.Select call to work with assign. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am missing to get it to work. The error I am getting is referencing a multi dimensional array, but the types for both are System.Data.DataTable what could be causing this issue?

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Hi @LeftBrainCo

The WiLIst must be a DataRow[] and not a dataTable, change the datatype of WIList to array of and then in the pop up choose datarow.


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Or you can add condition).copytodatatable

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yes but in the spec of the first assignment the WIList must be an DataRow[], other than that it will work either ways.


Reading back though the tutorial I must have skipped a selection. For some reason I though it was supposed to go from the table directly to the filter.

I added this one to my cheat sheet great tip!

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