Level 3 assignment 1 failed.(reseted test data)

I do assignment 1 , after first evaluation, I reseted test data after submitting my assignment.
so when 2nd, 3rd evaluation, always failed.

how should I do?

Hello @xinyue,
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The assignment instruction says:

“Do not reset the test data if the results of your evaluation on one of the assignments are still pending!”

If you will have evaluation done then you can eventually reset the data and do next steps.

Yes,that’s my mistake, but Is there any remedy?

Unfortunately the only remedy is to make again task with your robot based on newly created data and submit it once again to pass the evaluation properly. Then you will be able to do the next assignments.

anyway, thanks for your fast reply!

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based on newly created data, My assignment no.1 is passed.

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Good to hear that! Great work :slight_smile: I’m happy that I could help somehow.

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