Level 3 - Assignment 1

Should we reset test data prior to submission of assignment 1.
I had tested and found my assignment 1 be working correctly. I also reset test data before uploading of assignment 1. However during evaluation I have failed
What could be the reason

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Dont reset your data after submitting your exam!

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I didn’t reset data after submission. I zipped my assignment folder and uploaded it.
evaluation results says -
total items 16
completed items 0
correct items 0
I had tested it before submission and it’s working as required.
What could be the reason


Try to resend again your exam and dont reset the data.


Is there any limit to the no. of times I can resubmit

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You can check the procedure of taking the exam.i know it was stated how many times you can take the exam @raj.bhatia


there is no limit to how many times you can resubmit

Once you reset the data u can rerun the assignment file then you can submit. Until Result comes dont reset the data