Level 3 Assignment 1 - Click Update Work Item

Having issues clicking the update work item button on acme-test.com in assignment 1.
Testing the individual workflow “System1_UpdateWorkItem” everything seems to work fine. It can find and attach to the element with many different input pages. Sometimes even when I click the button manually the update work item window does not pop up.
Generally when running the whole file the first time around the window pops up but when processing the next transaction it fails to open.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Check the Selector once and try it again.

Hi @Nrenaud1

Which means its selector issue you have keep as dynamically * send me your click activity selector screenshot
I will tell u where you have to keep

Cool ,

Check the selector. click on fix and click again on the object so that it would fix the selector statement. Notice that there would be a wildcard “*” on the object properties. That should fix your issue.