Level 3 Assignment 2- Update Work Item Selector Issue

Hi All,

I am having trouble with the selector for the Update WorkItem button on the Acme site. This button is not being clicked and my workflow is not throwing an error. I have played with the selector and I can get it to work after waiting 5 MINUTES before it executes the click. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a better selector. Thanks!

Current Selector

Button I’m trying to click (highlighted in yellow)


Have you tried with Waitforready -None option in properties.


Hi @Navneetj3 yes I did try this and it ends up correctly pressing the “Update workitem” button but when i do this the next 2 activities “type into comment” and “select item status” dont work.

add some delaybefore or delayafter available in Properties for the activities.

@Navneetj3 I tried this too and the next 2 activities still did not work… It seems like when set Waitforready -None option in properties, it does not continue on to pop up window.


Put that click activity inside Attach Browser activity and try once.

@ herenj4,

-Use attach browser for the new window .
-try with interactive option for waitforready .
-use delaybefore and delayafter whereever you feel necessary .

Hope this will help!


hi @lakshman I just tried this and it still didn’t work as its not actually clicking the “Update WorkItem button”

Below is a screenshot


What error are you getting ? Could you please run the workflow in debug mode and check what is the exact error.

Please use below .xaml file for above issue
Main.xaml (10.8 KB)

Hi @sunil_pendli i tried this and it didnt work for me. The first click activity for update workitem still isnt being clicked.

@lakshman I know you gave me similar advice to put each of the 2 windows in their own attach browser activity but it is still not clicking the “update workitem” buttom.


Check and update selector (try replace html title ACME System 1 - Work Items for ACME System 1*)

Tried this selector as well. It still takes about 6 minutes until the button is finally clicked. Then the remaining file runs very slow

@heerenj4 use navigate activity it will work for surel

Hello @heerenj4
in Workitem screenshot why the title of the window displayed Dashboard??

screen should be like this

please see the navigate to workItem workflow once

Hi @heerenj4

You can try navigate Activity or you can also use Click Image instead which should be the last option.

One more workaround could find the tab index of that button and use Send Hot Key



Hi @heerenj4
Please Navigate Activity use to navigate the Update Work Item page URL is:
(558494) it is Dynamic

as you can see once you click update workitem this is how the url looks like right.
but the thing is here only 558494 only changes dynamically.
so for that if you go with navigate activity by changing the url like
ACME System 1 - Log In"+IN_WIID
here the IN-WIID indicates the value which changes dynamically.

@venkatmalla6 @sunil_pendli @PrankurJoshi

Is this what you mean by adding a navigate to activity? When I do this, it is getting hung up on type into comment activity.

Update_WorkItem.xaml (9.3 KB)

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