Level 3 Assignment 1 - browser argument

Hello everyone,

I’m in the middle of Assignment 1 in Level 3 and I was just wondering if in all of the components (log in to System 1, update work items etc) can I use everywhere browser argument and pass it between the components or am I supposed to attach to browser by indicating on screen (and changing the selector if needed) every time at the beginning of the component? Since due to the Walkthrough, it looks like they do simple attach with the selector everywhere.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Marta,

From what I remember, it’s asking for each component to reattach to the browser window and perform the given action.

For instance, for one of the ACME_NavigateTo actions, you would, in your selectors, find the window and perform actions. You can either use click activities outside of an application scope or within, it does not really matter. I’d suggest using your best judgement there.