Level 3 - Assignement 1 - Arguments issues


I am trying to pass the RPA Developper certification and I am stuck on the “level 3” lesson.
So what is the issue?

Well, when I try to bind arguments to a workflow invoke, the binding seems to not be saved (even though I click on “OK” and perform a CTRL + S after)
setting the bindings:

Is it normal? (I guess not as in some other case some binding are correctly saved but others (from the same pop-up) are not)

Any idea on why studio seems unable to remember the binding?

I think this is why I keep getting an error with the GetAppCredential “Get Orchestrator Credential Faulted”.

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Ah, this is nothing to worry about.

Use the button in the properties panel in the right with ‘Arguments’ section and map them. It will be saved no matter what. Dont use ‘Import’ for the time being especially if you are uusing 2019.5 community edition.

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