Level 3 Advanced Training - UiDemo exercise - double business rule exceptions: normal?


I’m following the Level 3 Advanced Training.
In the UiDemo exercise I get double business rule exceptions. Due to the REFramework I guess. Is this the way to go? Or am I doing something wrong?


This looks like two error messages for the same business rule exception.

Once from the Throw-Activity, once from the Log Message-Activity in SetTransactionStatus.xaml
Of course you can adapt the project to fit to your logging preferences, but this seems to be just fine.


Can you let me know how you catched the businessRule Exception with throw activity in framework.
Elaborate in detail or provide SS if possible.

Hey sai, welcome to the forum!

The BusinessRuleException thrown with the throw activity somewhere in Process.xaml is caught by the TryCatch-block in the Process Transaction State (in Main.xaml) where Process.xaml gets invoked.

You can throw it with mentioned Throw activity. As Exception property set
new BusinessRuleException("Your error message")

The error message will also be logged in SetTransactionStatus -> Handle BRE, that’s why it appears as “double BRE’s”.

I hope this helps.


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