How the BusinessRuleException be invoked in Re-FrameWork

Hi ,

I’m new to uipath Re-Framework ,
i have a workflow where i need to check a condition and if that condition fails i need to throw an businessruleexception.

i have used throw activity inside try-catch block.(the workflow is invoked inside the Process transaction and the try catch is done within the workflow itself. Is it the right way to throw exception in framework ,will the parent workflow be able to catch the exception occuring in the child worflow)

Everytime i run a transaction with business exception still the orchestrator queue status turns out to be successful.

Please elaborate the answer in detail as it is really confusing how to handle the exceptions in framework.

Thanks in Advance

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RE Framework already contains Try catch block , unless it is extremely required no need to add extra try catch , reason being- when you will throw exception it will be caught by inner try -catch block if you add extra try-catch block yourself.

You should write like below:

From here throw will directly go to:

And hence it will follow the below path :

and your transaction will complete.

Hope this clear your concept.



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