Level 3 - Advanced Training second assignment "waiting for evaluation"

Hello guys, i’ve uploaded the second assignment about 1h ago. How long does it usually take to get the result? I also realized after uploading my file, that there was a walktrough with REF…does it take so long because i didn’t model the process in REF and used instead flowchart?

Thanks for your help!

Ususually it will take 10 - 30 minutes to evaluate, but I see few people gets that validated in days as well. So, may be you will get that validation done soon. @Mod0091

ok, thank you @HareeshMR … are there any number of attempts for that assignment? because right now i’m modelling a new process for that assignment with REF. I’m afraid i can’t upload any other process until the evaluation isn’t done, right?

We can upload it any times as far as I know @Mod0091, but you can’t upload the process until the previous uploaded one is evaluated,

ok, thanks! :smiley: :clap:

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