Level 3 Yearly Report Assignment - Waiting for evaluation

Hi Folks, Non-Urgent question:
I submitted my results for this assignment and it appears to be in the “Waiting for evaluation” status for more than 31 hours. Is that normal? I do not know how long to expect the evaluation to take. Perhaps I just need to continue to be patient :slight_smile:

No Worries
you were almost done
Kindly wait for few more hours or (even minuted)
yours will be evaluated for sure
Though it takes time it will come out with some result at the earliest…
all the very best for your results :slight_smile:
Cheers @jOeyO

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Understood and thanks for the reply!
Great work has been done provide this free training and I am happy to be patient.


Cheers @jOeyO

It is more than two days now … I am being patient but I am also anxious to know the result!

Hi @jOeyO

Sorry for that, we are investigating and it will be hopefully fixed soon.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

I have now completed the Level 3 Training successfully!

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