Level 2 - Orchestrator 2016.2 Training issues

i have been completed` Level 2 - Orchestrator 2016.2 Training final exam with passed mark.when i was trying to download the certificate it has been held up where i cannot proceed further …i have been completed survey also. how i resolve it…pls support me.
not only for this
1.Level 2 - Orchestrator 2016.2 Training
2.Level 1 - Foundation Training

this too…

thanks in advance

Hello @shiamy,
Please try to log off, clear browser cache, restart web browser and log on again. Check if this will help.

thanks for your reply… i tried but it was helpless… i have been found the same issues over again

I got information that there are some works ongoing to solve an issue with Academy. This may provide some inconveniences at the moment. Soon all should be back to normal.

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thanks for your valuable information… .i am looking forward to completing your course and training…soon…thanks alot

hello!! i have been completed Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.1 and Level 2 - Orchestrator 2017.1 Training when iam trying to download certificate it says you have reached maximum number of views i cant download it. could you pls guide me…i had been asked this last month too… thanks in advance

Please go to the mentioned training and click on the upper right corner’s button:
And try to download from there.

nope i tried that too already…course parted 15/15 completed including final one. but still the last test locked…literally i have been completed…that is the problem…pls support me

Please try to log off and clear cache and cookie in web browser. Then please check if problem is still.

This is exact issue where i meet when im trying to download diploma

Hmmm really strange issue. Please in that case contact with our Academy Team. They should look into it deeper to help you with this issue. Maybe during our academy issue something saved not properly.


okay thank you let me try at once

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Thanks a lot. That was very informative one. I got fixed that issues by the academy team and received certificates from them too. That was great work. Many thanks once again.

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