Completed Level 1 Foundation 2018.3 training. Cannot access Level 2 : Orchestrator

Completed Level 1 Foundation 2018.3 training. Level 2 : Orchestrator is not available\still locked. Received certificate and confirmation that I passed Level 1

Hi @rchariwala

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Kindly log out of academy and try to login once again buddy
you were almost done
That should work for sure
and if still the error persists
kindly contact the academy

Cheers @rchariwala


Same problem occurs. I completed Level 1 Foundation 2018.3 training. Is that the reason why Level 2 is still locked? Is Level 1 Foundation 2018.3 training the most latest version of the Level 1 training that is available? I tried to access UiPath academy to inquire but constantly looped back to the same screen. Is there a phone number\email address I can contact them at? I am in Canada

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Fine no worries
in level 2 which year you tried to access buddy
kindly try to open
Level 2 - Orchestrator 2016.2 Training or Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training
kindly share the screenshot of these two course first page
lets check and make sure that we are good from our side and if the issue still persists lets go for technical team buddy
Cheers @rchariwala

Thanks for your help. Here’s the screenshot
Its telling me I’m done

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Fine try to access Level 2 - Orchestrator 2016.2 Training
if its available in your list buddy
Cheers @rchariwala

I was unable to select Level 2 - Orchestrator 2016.2. However, I notice now that Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3is now available.

So is Level 1 Foundation 2018.3 training the latest version for Level 1?

Thanks for all your help @Palaniyappan

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I hope it took some time to load across the page, glad that you got it now, Keep going. All the best for your studies…

yes buddy you are right 18.3 is the latest
and these were versions followed in order
– Level 1 Foundation (the very first one brought to uipath academy on foundation)
– Level 1 Foundation revamped 2018.2
– Level 1 Foundation 2018.3

Cheers @rchariwala

Thank you again. Truly appreciate your help :slight_smile:

No worries
Cheers @rchariwala