Level 1 Foundation - Lession 1 pdf - Broken Links


Hi there,

The following links in the pdf file for Lesson 1 “Introduction to UiPath Recap” of the L1 Foundation course don’t work.

  • [Updating UiPath Studio]

  • [Managing Packages]

  • [Installing the Chrome Extension for UiPath Studio]

  • [Installing the Firefox Extension for UiPath Studio]

Thanks for putting it together.


@k2nair, In the mean time you can follow this if you need it immediately,

Dominic :slight_smile:


Thanks Dom!

I’d already reviewed the updated links you mentioned, I just wasn’t able to post more than two links because I’m a new poster, so didn’t bother with referencing the updates. Now someone just needs to update the training material.




Dominic :slight_smile:


It’s solved, thanks for letting us know!

Andra T.