Update links in UiPath Academy [Improvment]


Kudos for UiPath academy!

Going through materials I’ve just noticed that links are pointing to old documentation - example - “Lesson 4 - Documentation” and there is link to “About Recording” which goes to website: v2018.1/docs/about-recording

There - top window - is information:
Hey! These docs are for version 2018.1, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2018.3!

Which goes to new documentation page. However not to “About Recording” but to main page.

Suggestion: update links in trainings or change the link in top window (stating about outdated docs) so that will move users to new docs and the same section, so from old “About recording” to new “About recording”.

Of course it’s nothing seriouse - but just a small improvement.

Keep up the good work. //BR Marek

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Looks like same issue is in attached pdf files.

Example: “Lesson 4 - Recording - Recap - revamped.pdf”

Goes to old docs. So it looks like updating links in top window message - so it will point to the same section but in updated doc - should do the work.

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

//BR Marek


Hi @Marek_Malinowski

Thank you for your feedback, our team appreciates it. The links should be updated :slight_smile:


Hi @loginerror (btw. awesome nickname :slight_smile: )

Thanks for info and I’m glad that I was able to help!

I will check it later today while doing next lessons in UiPath Adacemy.

//BR Marek

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I’ve promised that I will come back… so I’m confirming - it works :slight_smile:

//BR Marek

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