Lesson 9 Practice 2 A - problems with the results

Lesson 9 Practice 2 A is about retrieving data from Excel and putting into a dataTable and then summing the data (in columns A and B) and putting the results back into the excel workbook in column C

I followed the instructions and found that my results were shifted up a row missing the results from the first row of data.


I worked out that the issue was that in the Read Range activity the add headers tick box which is ticked by default should be unticked as there are no headers in this data set. (probably going to be the same for parts B & C too)

I think this should be added to the instructions as we are all learning at this point and haven’t covered debugging yet.

Additionally the activity Write Value is mentioned several times, I think it should be Write Cell as I can’t find an activity Write Value (maybe that’s an old version, I don’t know).

Also part C says


I think it should be rowsCount.ToString

And I have another problem. In part C we are using the same excel spreadsheet to pull the data from that we were using for part A and B. When I try and run part C I get this message

This would imply to me that there is some sort of process lock on the file from one of the other workflows.

I definitely don’t have excel open (I have check processes in Task Manager there is no Excel) maybe the lock is from my code because I start with an excel application scope with a link to the Sums workbook and then a Write Cell that has a link to the workbook

In fact this is the problem as there are 2 different Write cell activities one from app integration (the correct one to use) and one from System-File-Workbook Write Cell (the wrong one and the one I was using)

The right solution to this is


Maybe if there was a Write Value activity as described in the instructions there wouldn’t be 2 activities with the same name but as I said I don’t think that there is a Write Value activity any more.


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@charliefik whats your question exactly?

Really just posted this so that anyone who had problems with the learning exercise because of the header tick box needing to be unticked but this was not mentioned in the walk through, or missing .ToString or Write Value or if they had also used the wrong Write cell activity then they would be aware of these issues.

Also perhaps someone in the learning team might be able to adjust the learning materials to deal with these problems.


@Manjuts90 If you have some spare time and are looking to help with an actual problem that I currently have (rather than me just making some notes that may help others) that hasn’t been resolved yet then please take a look at this post (will probably have to go to the post directly rather than maximising the link below as the unresolved part of the problem is at the bottom half of the post regarding the positioning of the cursor after a different Scaling factor has been applied during a Citrix scrape)

Many thanks,

This is now resolved so no need for you to spend any further time looking into it.

Hey charkiefik, in this case your first line studio reads as a Header so

problem solving for to this is very simple in the Read range/options you forgot to unthick AddHeaders.

Hi Mindaugas,

Thanks for the reply but I did work that bit out (in the first message of this post. I didn’t really have a problem at the end of the post just wanted to show anyone that did have a problem with the example).