Lesson 9 Practice 1 - Index Issue

working through Level 1, Lesson 9, Practice 1. Got the workflow built exactly identical (as far as I can tell) to the documentation. Everything works, except the values in column C are shifted up one row. The total for A2+B2 is in C1 instead of C2. The total for A1 + B1 does not appear. And there is no value in C11. The sums are correct, they’re just shifted up one (and the first sum is missing)

I’m already adjusting the rowIndex by 1 to account for the DataTable index starting at 0
rowIndex = inputsTable.Rows.IndexOf(row) +1

When I call Write Cell, it uses the rowIndex variable:
“C” + rowIndex.ToString

L09P01.zip (16.1 KB)

I’ve attached my project in case that helps. No idea what I could be missing.
UIPath 2018.4
Excel 2010

Uncheck Add headers from Read range activity and you should be good.

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