Lesson 5 practice 3 Notepad menu window disappears when using attach activity so how do you attach

Hi All,

In this practice example you are going into Notepad (which you attach to)

Then use the click activity to go to format.

The resulting mini window (format) that appears we are told is a new window so also has to be attached to.

My problem is that when you go into the attach window activity that you’ve added to your sequence and click on the ‘Target is window’ link that you will use to select the new window. The mini window in notepad disappears so you can’t then select it to attach.

I’m sure there is a very simple way around this but I don’t know what it is and it’s not described (as far as I can see in the notes for this lesson).

Any ideas please?



There is a delay process, click on F2 to delay few seconds. The delayed time will be displayed in the right bottom corner on your screen.


Thanks @sarathi125 for the suggestion but how does pressing the F2 button help?

My issue is that I have notepad open with the format dropdown window visible (this is what I want to ‘attach’ activity to


, as soon as I go to the attach window activity and click on ‘Indicate window on screen’


The drop down in notepad disappears as the notepad window is no longer active and then I no longer have the format drop down to click on to attach to.


If pressing F2 during this process somewhere will help can you please tell me where or maybe I have to attach to the window in a different way.

Click ‘Indicate window on screen’, then press F2 afterwards. It pauses the indication for 3 seconds, during which you can open the dropdown. After the 3 seconds you can click it to attach to it.

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Sorry guys I see what you were talking about now although the drop down disappears when you click on the designer window, by pressing F2 after ‘Indicate window on screen’ (like you said!!!) you can then go back into notepad and open the dropdown again and then select it (I didn’t get the reopening the menu I was fixated on it having disappeared, sorry about that)

Thanks for the help peeps.

I know I’m useless but that F2 functionality should be in the description of the training as I’m sure that no-one will naturally be aware that F2 enables a delay that will allow you to open a menu item that has been automatically closed.



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I agree

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This helped. Thanks

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