Lesson 4 Practice 1


I am facing problems while doing Lesson 4 Practice 1. For the text I am typing in word, the font style is not getting bold or not changing the size to 16 while using basic recorder.

Can anyone help me with this issue.


@Tanyak There is selectors error in type into activity check it follow below link for reference

Recording process is not perfoming actions required - #4 by indra

Hello @indra,

I am not sure where I am going wrong because it’s not able to change the font style to bold and font size to 16. I am attaching my .xaml file. Can you check and let me know the problem.

Main.xaml (17.5 KB)

@Tanyak There was issue with type into activity i have updated please check it

Main(1).xaml (17.4 KB)

Hello @indra,

I checked the updated document which you sent but it’s still not working(not updating the font style and size)

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