Lesson 2 Guessing Game Input Dialog

Does the variable guess in the input dialog must be of type String? When I set it to type Int32, it shows an error “disallows implicit conversions from ‘Integer’ to ‘String’”. How do I explicitly convert it to Integer?

Got it, to explicit convert string to integer, use CInt(guess). But that’s not in the video. How does the video do it?

Got it all. There is a download of the xaml after the video. The video used type GenericValue


Why is it that the Result of my dialog input “must exactly match the type T of VisualBasicReference or LambdaReference”? Any idea?

Once Result is assigned to a var, UiPath throws the error if the type of that var is changed. In order for me to change the type, I needed to delete the input dialog and insert a new one, then assign the var to Result. Anyone knows another way around this without deleting the existing input dialog?

Hi @kiatng
the result variable where you have created as guess will be in Generic Value

Check the type of the variable

Ashwin S