Get Legacy Edge in UiPath as a Browser Option

I have UiPath but I don’t have Edge in the browser type drop down list. If I try to install it from the Tool option it asks to upgrade to a newer version . How can I get Legacy Edge as a browser option without changing the UiPath version?

you can use any custom browser, for this case as edge is not showing as inbuilt one. You eill have to install the we driver doe the same and pass that on Open Browser Activity

In the below link the is a section, Custom Browser, that should help


It’s related with version of UiAutomation activity Package.

Can you check it? Version 19.11.1 which is bundled Studio 19.10.4 supports legacy edge as the following.


Dear Koli,
Could you please share a screenshot of the Browser activity and its properties to check the same

Geetishree Rao

Do we have an option to run in INTERNET EXPLORER like in other browser