Launch multiple browser tabs


I need to launch three tabs in chrome and launch same web page in each of these three tabs. After this, I have to update selected text fields in each of these three tabs and click on submit button. Intent of doing this parallely in three tabs instead of one is to save time as doing it sequentially in one tab will take more time. Basically automation will comprise of below steps.

  1. Launch chrome. Open three tabs.
  2. Lauch same website in all three tabs.
  3. Update same text fields in all three tabs. Value to be updated in these text fields will differ.
  4. Click on Submit button in all three tabs.

Request you to please advise how above can be achieved. I won’t be able to give actual website but ‘Input Forms’ tab of can be used for this POC if needed.


you can try this approach, you can create a workflow to open browser and typeinto etc…
now in main you can use the parallel activity (make condition true) and in parallel use the inwoke workflow file activity parallelly as branches

Hello @Kapil

Opening multiple tabs and doing the same process will not be the correct approach for your use case. Instead, you can use parallel activity and open browsers. Or you can create the workflow and call it in parallel using Invoke workflow activity.